Planet Saturn: Attributes, Transit & Remedies

Brief Description

Saturn is one of the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology which is arguably the most dreaded of all. The famous 7.5 years period of ‘Shani Sade Sati’ more often than not turns a person’s life upside down. We must understand that planets provide us with the results of our past karmas that could go back to several lifetimes, in this current life of ours.

However, planet Saturn is represented by Lord Shani, who is the God of Justice and for obvious reasons the type of our karmas that Saturn holds to be being accounted for, are mostly negative. Therefore, the results of the periods of Saturn’s operation in our life are predominantly (but not always) negative or punishing.

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Gemstone associated with Saturn

Blue Sapphire is the gemstone which is associated with planet Saturn. It is also known by the name of “Neelam”. If an astrologer finds a favourably placed Saturn in a person’s natal horoscope then the astrologer recommends this life-changing gemstone to the person. This is simply because if Saturn is favourable for a person and that person wears Blue Sapphire, then the gemstone harnesses the incredibly powerful energies of Saturn and propels the person’s life to exponential success!

However, it must always be kept in mind that Blue Sapphire draws the intense energy of planet Saturn and therefore one must wear a Blue Sapphire only after getting it recommended from an experienced astrologer.

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Pujas to Please Lord Shani

Puja is a Vedic worship ritual which is performed to please a deity and seek His/Her blessings. Two very powerful pujas that are widely recommended to please Shani Dev or Lord Shani are:

Shani Shanti Puja

This puja pacifies an aggravated Saturn in the natal horoscope of a person which is being instrumental in providing that person with the punishing results of the negative karmas from his/her past lifetimes.

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Shani Shanti Hanuman Puja

A person triumphs over all obstacles in life and gets unimaginable success only if he/she gets the blessings of Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman. The Shani Shanti Hanuman Puja pleases both Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman and brings their incredibly powerful joint blessings in the life of the seeker. Get this Puja performed in your name and become free from the clutches of the negative karmas from your past lives that are the root cause of your miseries and bring in the forgiving & protective blessings of Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman in your life.

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Yantra for Saturn or Shani

A Yantra is a sacred occult mechanism that has the ability to transform the life of a person who connects with it by means of powerful mantras. A Yantra essentially taps into the divine realm of the deity that it represents or is associated with and brings the blessings of the deity in the life of the person.

For connecting with Shani Dev or Lord Shani who manifest as Saturn in His planetary form, a Shani Yantra is recommended for having in the home. One must worship the Shani Yantra with a devout heart, chant the mantra suggested by a learned astrologer or priest and meditate in front of it to bring in the immensely powerful & life-transforming blessings of Lord Shani in his/her life.

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Shani Pendant in Silver

If someone wants to stay consistently connected with the Grace of Lord Shani, then the person can wear a Shani Pendant in Silver. This pendant will maintain a constant connection of the subtle bodies of the person with the positive energies from the realm of Lord Shani.

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Horoscope Reports

If a person wants to know the state of Saturn or Shani in his/her horoscope and how the planet is affecting certain specific domains of his/her life, then there are two incredibly useful horoscope reports that Future Point offers. These are:

Shani Sade Sati Report

This highly sought after report focuses on the troubling 7.5 years long period of transiting Saturn or Shani called ‘Shani Sade Sati’ that more often than not creates severe hardships & miseries in the life of a person.

The Shani Sade Sati Report helps a person to get into a position to prepare himself/herself for this usually punishing period, well in advance by making informed decisions and incorporating powerful astrological remedies that are specific to the person’s own horoscope having the potential of pacifying the karmic ill-effects that are slated to negatively impact certain key aspects of the life of the person.

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All Dosha Report

This is a report that deals extensively & exclusively with all the Doshas. A Dosha in Vedic Astrology means the negative planetary significations & their subsequent malefic results to a person based on an ill-placed planet in the horoscope of that person.

If Saturn among other planets is ill-placed in the horoscope of a person then the All Dosha Report provides highly useful guidance in the form of astrological remedies, donations, mantras etc. to negate or pacify the detrimental effects of a badly placed Saturn in the horoscope, of course apart from providing guidance on similar grounds about the Doshas created by other planets as well.

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Astrological Consultation

Future Point offers you an opportunity to consult with highly experienced astrologers who command an absolute mastery over multiple occult domains and are true subject matter experts. The astrologers at Future Point are led by none other than Dr. Arun Bansal who is a world renowned Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Expert with over 4 decades of experience in helping people from all over the world to live a happy & successful life through the ancient occult sciences of Bharat!

Dr. Arun Bansal

Exp: 42 Years


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Abha Bansal

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Dr. Tanvi Bansal

Exp: 10 Years


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Lordship of Signs

Saturn is the Lord of 2 of the total 12 signs that constitute the Zodiac Belt and these are Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is debilitated in the sign of Aries and exalted in the sign of Libra. Saturn is a slow moving planet and it is associated with the air element.


Saturn signifies Delays, Obstacles, Service, Subordination, Loss, Insult, Old Age, Mining, Excavation, Oil & Gas, Heavy Machinery, Management, Iron etc.


The gemstone that is associated with Saturn is Blue Sapphire.

Significance of Saturn’s Transit

Saturn on an average takes about 2.5 years to transit from one sign of the Zodiac Belt to the next. However, from time to time, this period may vary to a certain extent by the change in the movement of Saturn due to the planet going into retrograde motion for a while.

The transit of Saturn is among those few planetary transits that warrant extreme caution on the part of a person depending upon various factors such as:

  • Placement of Saturn in the person's Natal Horoscope
  • Position of the Natal Moon from Natal Saturn
  • House & Sign through which Saturn is currently transiting
  • Other planetary conjunctions & aspects to Saturn on the transit level

It is highly recommended that a person must be aware at all times about the likely effects of the ongoing transit of Saturn on certain key aspects of his/her life especially if the person is going through the phase of ‘Sade Sati’. Remember, it is of utmost importance to plan & execute your actions based on what the ‘dreaded’ Saturn has in store for you. Hence, always go through what the ongoing transit of Saturn is signifying for you based on your own natal horoscope.

Remedies for a ‘Troubling’ Saturn

First & foremost, we must understand that Saturn is not our enemy. In fact, no planet is. The planets simply provide us with the results of our own karmas that we did in the past, both good as well as bad. It is just that Saturn keeps account of more or rather most of our intensely negative karmas as compared to other planets. Therefore, Saturn is painted as a planet that punishes us way more than it rewards us.

But, that is not true. Saturn is a judge and all we need to do before the judge to have leniency or pardon, is plead.

It is highly recommended to have certain incredibly powerful & result oriented Vedic Rituals being performed in your name such as the “Shani Shanti Hanuman Puja” by a learned priest to please Lord Shani. Once a person pleases Lord Shani, the punishing effects of Saturn are significantly reduced or even removed in case the underlying negative karmas are not that intense.

So, it is prudent to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer and take the steps that are necessary to please Lord Shani and seek His blessings that will result in pacifying planet Saturn which is causing troubles in various domains of your life based on its placement in your horoscope as well as its transitory movement in the Zodiac Belt.

Lastly, it is not just about safeguarding yourself by treating the punishing effects of Saturn but, making smart decisions based on the natal position and transitory movement of Saturn that would lead you to a smooth, peaceful & prosperous life.